TERRA Popular Discussion Lists and Listserves

  • "hist_empresa" is an electronic discussion list about business history for scholars, students, and business men working in Spanish Language. For subscriptions, send an e-mail with the message "subscribe hist_empresa" to the address "majordomo@goliat.ugr.es"
  • Management-history is an electronic discussion list that supports critical and scholarly discussion, reflection and research in the area of management and administrative history; and the development of historically informed analyses and explorations of management practices and of management philosophy and thought.
  • The IRRA LEL Section Newsletter,Labor and the Law, is available via the IRRA discussion group (to subscribe send an e-mail to listserver@relay.doit.wisc.edu, leave the subject line blank, do not include a signature, and send only the message: subscribe irra yourfirst name yourlastname).
  • IERN-L, International Employee Relations Network, listserv@ube.ubalt.edu
  • LABOR-L is an electronic discussion group for worldwide labour issues. It is moderated by Prof Sam Lanfranco. Subscribe to listserv@vm1.yorku.ca
  • HRNET, the Human Resources Division of the American Academy of Management, listserv@cornell.edu
  • HRIS-L, Human Resources Information (Canada), listserv@vm.ucs.alberta.ca
  • TRDEV-L, Training and Development list, listserv@psuvm.psu.edu
  • HRD-L, Human Resource Development list, listserv@mizzou1.missouri.edu
  • H-LABOR, is a list moderated by Seth Widgerson. Send e-mail request to sethw@maine.maine.edu
  • H-NET, Labor History Discussion list, listserv@h-net.msu.edu


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