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  • Organizational Member - $525  (includes 2 individual chapter/national memberships, booth and sponsorship recognition at the annual conference and the opportunity to request two research reports per year)

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The Tennessee Employment Relations Research Association (TERRA) begins its fourteenth year as a state chapter of the 64-year-old Labor and Employment Relations Assocation (LERA). Since TERRA was chartered, we have held three state conferences, built our membership to over 100 individuals and organizations, held regular regional dinner meetings, provided member and conference scholarships to college students interested in the field of labor relations, and maintained a speakers list of Tennessee-based experts who have volunteered to speak to community groups. In 2000, TERRA implemented its Industrial and Labor Relations News, Data and Resource E-mail Service which notifies members of and provides easy access to relevant federal agency reports, useful web sites, book reviews and labor and employment data base information. This service uses TERRA’s greatest resource, our member’s knowledge, experience and contacts, to network and share information using technology.

A nonprofit membership association, TERRA encourages research, open discussion, and the dissemination of data on all aspects of labor relations and human resource practices in public and private sectors. Along with our parent national association, the LERA, TERRA brings you access to the latest research, insightful analysis of current labor relations practices, and an unmatched network of contacts.

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To enhance communication, encourage cooperation, facilitate continuous learning and promote mutual understanding and respect in the labor relations community by providing a forum through which labor relations practitioners and academics share and openly discuss their research, knowledge, experience, and insight of issues affecting the workplace.

  • Promote full discussion and exchange of employment relations ideas and information
  • Encourage research into social, political, legal, economic, and psychological aspects of labor relations, including employer and employee organization, human resource administration, and labor legislation
  • Disseminate research and other data through meetings, publications, and Internet based resources

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  • Network of employment relations professionals from labor unions, public and private sector employers, universities, and third party neutral organizations (arbitrators and mediators)
  • TERRA News – TERRA’s national award winning labor relations news service brings you daily updates of announcements, data bases, publications and resources delivered directly to your mailbox
  • Annual statewide conference featuring seminars, displays, lectures and workshops
  • Local and regional luncheon/dinner meetings
  • Labor & Employment Relations Association listserv
  • Annual TERRA membership directory
  • Resource Web page
  • Practitioner and Student Scholarship Awards
  • Topical workshops and training for managers, union leaders, attorneys and neutrals

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  • TERRA membership is open to professionals involved with all aspects of employment relations and human resources. These include:
  • Management specialists in personnel, labor relations and human resources
  • Union officials (staff and international representatives, business agents, district directors, labor council officials and stewards)
  • University professors who study all areas of labor relations
  • Labor and industrial relations attorneys
  • Federal & state agency officials (NLRB, DOL, FMCS, EEOC, TNCLMR, etc.)
  • Mediators and arbitrators
  • Full-time students

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  • Two Conferences annually: January - held in conjunction with the Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) and June Policy Conference held in association with the FMCS every two years in Washington, D.C.
  • Job Placement: Held for employers and job applicants at the January meetings.
  • Annual Research Volume:
  • Perspectives on Work: This highly acclaimed magazine features timely articles on practical issues facing labor relations professionals as they work.
  • Meeting Proceedings: Papers presented at the LERA's national meeting allows LERA/TERRA members to share information from current research & policy debates.
  • Newsletters: LERA members receive a quarterly newsletter covering LERA events, job announcements, local/state chapter activities & news of related conferences.
  • LERA website job forum

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