Mark Your Calendars! October 14-16, 2015

TERRA 2015 17th Annual Conference will again bring together Tennessee employment relations professionals & practitioners at the Lakeside Club & Wingo Inn, Arnold AFB in Tullahoma, TN


The Tennessee Employment Relations Research Association (TERRA) was formed in 1997, joining 63 other local and state chapters of the   Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA). TERRA provides a forum through which labor relations practitioners and academics interested in the fields of Industrial Relations and Human Resources share their research, knowledge and insights through regular regional meetings and the annual state-wide conference. TERRA, a non-profit membership organization, encourages research, open discussion, and the dissemination of data to ensure its members keep abreast of current practices and innovations in the field and to strengthen the community and workplace.



The Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) was founded in 1947 and encompasses more than 4,000 members in the areas of labor and management relations, academic research and education, labor and employment law, human resources, public policy, union administration, training and development, dispute resolution, compensation and benefits, labor markets and economics. LERA brings members access to research and commentary from the nation’s most recognized professionals in the field of labor relations. LERA’s practitioner-oriented magazine, Perspectives on Work, and annual national research volumes and newsletters chart new directions in labor relations and its’ on-line internet discussion groups give members a community of colleagues across the nation and globe.  Visit LERA at:

LERA's Employment Policy Research Network (EPRN) provides a unique forum where academic researchers presnet their current scholarship and topical essays.  To access EPRN visit

Since TERRA was chartered, it has held sixteen annual conferences.  TERRA members represent all the constituencies of our parent national association, LERA.  These include academic researchers whose scholarship addresses employment and labor relations, attorneys for unions, companies and public sector agencies, executives and managers, union officials, and neutrals. TERRA hosts an annual three day conference, holds regular regional dinner meetings, provides member and conference scholarships to college students interested in the field of labor relations, and maintains a speakers list of Tennessee-based experts who have volunteered to speak to community groups. 

TERRA supports student scholarships and grants.  The Thomas Chastain scholarship provides support for students pursuing undergraduate majors related to TERRA's mission.  A second scholarship, the Roger Goode Memorial, provides students with annual membership in the chapter and gratis registration at our annual conference. TERRA News is a member service providing Employment and Labor Relations News, Data and Resources via email to their desktop.  TERRA News notifies members of and provides easy access to relevant federal agency reports, useful web sites, book reviews and labor and employment data base information. This service uses TERRA’s greatest resource, its members' knowledge, experience and contacts, to network and share information using technology.

2016 Dues: Chapter/National Member $245, Tennessee Chapter Member $50, Student Chapter/National $40, Apprentice Member $25, Student Chapter Member $15, Organizational Member $525.

TERRA affiliated with its parent national association, the Labor & Employment Relations Association (LERA) in 1997.


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